Changelog για το ΕΛΤΑ Shipping Costs Calculator

ΕΛΤΑ Courier Shipping Costs Calculator για το WooCommerce


  • Fix: Greek postcode (TK) dataset updated using more accurate/complete data sources. More accurate mapping of postcode to city for calculating whether shop and buyer are in same city.


  • Change: United Kingdom is now in EMS zone 2, to reflect changes due to brexit.
  • Change: United Kingdom is now in SPM zone 2, to reflect changes due to brexit.
  • Remove: SPM options for air delivery before 9:00 and before 12:00 are removed, to reflect changes enacted by ELTA Courier.
  • Add: FPC service now offers new choice between air and sea delivery, to reflect changes enacted by ELTA Courier.
  • Add: FPC service now uses the latest ELTA Courier progressive pricing for weights between 1 and 30 kg.
  • Remove: FPC service no longer offers service “Dispatch on a preditermined time, at select destinations only”, to reflect changes enacted by ELTA Courier.


  • Fix: Error that prevented EMS delivery from being applied to any country is now fixed.
  • Fix: Localizable string was missing language domain, now added.
  • Fix: Bug in logging message for EMS now fixed.


  • Fix: Error that prevented calculations for SPM delivery is now fixed.


  • Improve: Can now be network-activated on multisite installations.


  • Change: Updated data to match prices released on .
  • Improve: Postcode ranges for domestic zones are now in .csv data file, no longer hard-coded.
  • Fix: Only apply special Athens-Patra car rates if car delivery is enabled in same day domestic settings.
  • Fix: When charging for special Athens-Patra car rates, do not also charge the generic car fee.
  • Improve: Using more accurate postcode data for deliveries in Greece.
  • Improve: When an admin configures options for a shipping method, the cost of each option are now shown next to the title/description.
  • Fix: Plugin metadata are now more accurate.
  • Add: Compatibility with WC Marketplace.
  • Improve: Better translatable strings and translations.
  • Change: When Saturday delivery is enabled in SPM, the charge is only applied if the order has been placed on a Friday.
  • Remove: Options for dedicated pickup, saturday pickup and sunday pickup removed as they are not relevant for e-shops.


  • Introducing the ELTA Courier Shipping Costs WooCommerce plugin